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HIS Media, Press & More

Discover HIS Male Breast Cancer Awareness. Explore our media and press features for the latest news, stories, and resources dedicated to raising awareness and support for men affected by breast cancer. Stay informed, get involved, and join our mission to raise awareness and support for male breast and hereditary cancers.

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Video & Press

🎬 HIS Featured on Good Morning America (GMA)

Vicki and Harvey speak during their segment on "Thriving In Pink" and adding in some blue. Awareness is the first step to improving male breast cancer outcomes, and we are grateful for the opportunity to spread our message on national television. We hope to increase early detection and reduce the stigma surrounding male breast cancer for years to come.

🎬 You've Got Harvey Singer a Male Breast Cancer Survivor on AOL

After watching his mother and sister fight breast cancer, Harvey Singer was diagnosed with male breast cancer and formed HIS Breast Cancer to inform other men of the risks and treatments available for this deadly disease.

🎬 You've Got Vicki Singer Wolf a Breast Cancer Survivor BRCA2 on AOL

Vicki Singer Wolf endured a tumultuous year in which she, her mother, and her brother were all diagnosed with breast cancer, and she sat down to talk about how they persevered through the power and support of family.

🎬 Everyday Health - Men Get Breast Cancer Too, Just Ask Harvey Singer

Breast cancer is rarer in men — and frequently overlooked. A group founded by a male breast cancer survivor is hoping to change the perception that men are not at risk.

🎬 Everyday Health - When Breast Cancer Runs in the Family

Vicki Wolf and Harvey Singer are brother and sister. They are both BRCA-positive. They are both breast cancer survivors.

🎬 Huffpost: Harvey Singer, Male Breast Cancer Survivor, Informs Other Men About The Disease

Harvey Singer was touched by breast cancer for the first time after his mother and sister were diagnosed one month apart. And later, Singer himself was diagnosed with breast cancer.

🎬 Harvey Singer Talks About Men Getting Breast Cancer - CBS Los Angeles

Breast cancer survivor Harvey Singer stopped by KCAL9 Friday for Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week!

🎬 Harvey & Vicki Estdee Lauder Breast Cancer Awaremess Campaign

Harvey, 60, grew even closer to his younger sister, Vicki, 57, as she supported him throughout his breast cancer journey. Vicki, a three-time breast cancer survivor, did her best to guide her brother through the unknown world of the disease. Their shared experience inspired them to co-create HIS Breast Cancer Awareness organization to help educate and raise awareness of breast cancer among men.

🎬 Genetic Testing Advocates: The Wolf Family Navigates Life with a BRCA Mutation in partnership with Basser Center for BRCA

When you discover there's a genetic mutation in your family, it impacts everyone. This is a journey you must take together to educate, protect, and support one another. Hear from Vicki Wolf - co-founder of HIS Breast Cancer Awareness, and her 3 sons about navigating the highs and lows when receiving news of a BRCA gene mutation together.


Podcasts, Interviews & Info Segments

🎙️ JScreen and HIS Talk About Genetic Testing

JScreen is a nonprofit organization that offers genetic screening and education. Their at-home testing program uses saliva samples and allows people to speak with genetic counselors. JScreen's testing panel looks for over 200 genetic diseases found in all ethnicities.

🎙️ Male Breast Caner FAQs with Basser Center for BRCA

Hear from genetic counselors Avi Anantharajah, MS, LCGC and Derek Mann, MS LCGC from Basser Ceneter for BRCA at Penn Medicine answer the questions you may have or may have not even known you could have about BRCA gene in men and the development of breast cancer.

🎙️ Ask The Experts: Male Breast Cance - Unite For HER/HIM

Founders of HIS Breast Cancer Awareness, Vicki Wolf and Harvey Singer, answer all our questions about male breast cancer and hormone health.

🎙️ HIS Breast Cancer Awareness Interview - Unite For HER/HIM

Sue is joined by HIS Breast Cancer Awareness founders Harvey Singer and Vicki Wolf to discuss male breast cancer and UFH's newest care package offering, HIS care box.

🎙️ Harvey Singer - Breast Cancer Survivor - Cancer Interviews Podcast

What began as a sharp pain in his left nipple led to a diagnosis of breast cancer for Harvey Singer. A regimen including twelve weeks of chemotherapy led to survivorship, but Harvey learned the health care system offered little in the way of support for a man diagnosed with breast cancer. His experience inspired his establishment of an organization which helps men all over the world as they seek guidance in the fight against breast cancer.

🎙️ Look, Learn, Locate

“People say that I’m a Man with a Woman’s disease. I say I am a MAN with a disease that the world needs to be educated about! Predetermined by my genetic mutation which affects men and women equally. I will continue my work to enlighten the world about BRCA mutations and Male Breast Cancer until my very last breath!”

🎙️ Male Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Awareness on

Harvey Singer, found of the HISBreastCancer Awareness, Inc. Foundation discusses male breast cancer awareness.

🎙️ Grey Genetics: Men Get Breast Cancer Too!

When Vicki was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time at age 47, she was finally offered genetic testing and learned she carried a mutation in the BRCA2 gene. When her brother Harvey learned there was a 50/50 chance he could be carrying the same mutation, he didn’t think too much about it.

🎙️ Behind The Pink Ribbon: Harvey & Vicki of HIS Breast Cancer

Harvey Singer and Vicki Singer Wolf joined me on the podcast to share their stories behind the pink ribbon. Vicki was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35. Following her third diagnosis, Vicki tested positive for the BRCA2 mutation. In 2008, Harvey was diagnosed with breast cancer as well. As a male breast cancer survivor in a very pink world, Harvey struggled to find information and support.



🎥 The Estée Lauder Companies’ BCA Campaign “Hear Our Stories. Share Yours"

In The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign’s compelling documentary “Hear Our Stories. Share Yours.”— five families exchange intimate accounts of their fights against the disease and the powerful support and strength they received from family, friends and loved ones, revealing never-before-heard truths from both sides of the breast cancer experience.

🎥 PINK & BLUE: Colors of Hereditary Cancer

The documentary Pink & Blue: Colors of Hereditary Cancer made its worldwide theatrical premiere at Laemmle Music Hall in Beverly Hills October 2 - 8, coinciding with National Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer Week and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.



📰 Cure Cancer News: HIS Breast Cancer Awareness: Exploring the Male Side of the Disease

Like many men, Harvey Singer had known women in his life that had been diagnosed with breast cancer, but, until recent years, he never thought it would have the impact it did on his own life.

📰 Fox News: Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Don't forget the men

With Pink Ribbon fundraisers using bras and breasts to raise awareness, women get most of the attention during Breast Cancer Awareness Month each October. This makes sense because one in eight U.S. women will develop the disease in their lifetime, but men can get breast cancer, too.

📰 Penn Basser: Sir, You Have Breast Cancer!

It’s never easy to receive a cancer diagnosis but imagine being a man and hearing you have breast cancer. Most people do not even know that men can be diagnosed with this “pink” disease.

📰 The Breast Cancer Site: Men Get Breast Cancer, Too — And Harvey Is Spreading The Word!

Men are not regularly screened for breast cancer, yet they are also at risk for this disease. Just because you don’t hear about men getting breast cancer very often doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

📰 The Mercury News: For male breast cancer survivor, embarrassment has turned into desire for awareness

When Harvey Singer’s doctor recommended he get a mammogram, the then 54-year-old Philadelphia native balked. ‘How can a man get a mammogram?’ Singer recalled asking.

📰 The Philadelphia Inquirer: Men can and do get breast cancer, too

Philly inquirer features HIS founders in male breast cancer feature

📰  Forward Jewish Independent News: Harvey Singer Caught His Prostate Cancer Early. Here’s How.

The Rochester, New York, resident opted for a full mastectomy, only to be diagnosed with prostate cancer 18 months later. Recently, we learned that Singer faced yet another monumental health scare after we spoke with him in 2014.

📰 Forward Jewish Independent News: When Men Get Breast Cancer

When a friend pulled Harvey Singer in for a bear hug one weekend in Chicago in 2008, a shooting pain went through Singer’s chest. A couple weeks earlier, Singer had noticed a change on the side of his left nipple but had shrugged it off as the result of being “old and a little out of shape.” His sister Vicki told him to get checked out. She’d recently been diagnosed with her third breast cancer.

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