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MEN: Getting to Know Your-Self Breast Exam

As a Male, one of the most important exercises you can perform for and on yourself is to do a self breast exam – yes men do have breast! We all hear women being told to examine their breast monthly but it is equally if not more important for men. Since men are not prescribed annual or bi-annual mammograms no matter what their age, the closest thing to finding a lump or change in their breast is themselves. Male Breast Cancer is often more progressed as well as more fatal since it is discovered much later as no one is really looking. Other types of cancers don’t show themselves as easily and so it is understood why diagnosis can be so difficult. Men can even be alerted to possible Prostate

Can't Sugar Coat This !

Sugar feeds cancer cells! I could stop there (short and not so sweet!) but I’ll try to convince you with more detailed information. Otto Warburg, Ph.D. the Nobel laureate in medicine first discovered back in the thirties that cancer cells have a different energy metabolism compared to healthy cells. Glucose, cancer’s preferred food, is used to fuel cancer cells. Cancer metabolizes through a fermentation process just like when you make wine, you need sugar for this process. So, do we want to feed these cells or starve them? The affect on your blood-glucose level is measured by the glycemic index. Each food is given a number rating. The lower the rating, the slower the body digest and absorb

Our Story...

It’s almost a given that in one’s lifetime either a friend, family member, loved one or oneself will be diagnosed with cancer. It surrounds us and is a part of our life even if it’s just a fleeting moment because we experience a pain, feel something somewhere on our body, or just self-diagnos. So you would think when my brother Harvey called me to say he was on his way to see his doctor because he thought he felt a lump, or something on his breast area, I would have been more prepared. Especially knowing that we have an aunt, our mother and myself all who have experienced breast cancer I could have predicted the outcome. Let’s rewind by a couple of years; after my personal third bout with br

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