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Male Mastectomy

Something suspicious has been identified. Probably you felt it and found it due to some pain or irritation or although unlikely, because you’re aware of Male Breast Cancer and you have been performing a self breast exam ! You see your general doctor who recommends a mammogram and possibly a breast ultrasound. YEP! There’s something suspicious there! Now what?! First you have to work past the mental and emotional stages. You are a male, you do have breast, and you may have breast cancer which is something you thought only a female had to concern them-self with. When you went for your mammogram you realized the first stigmatism of this diagnosis. Filling out the questionnaire that ask; At w

Thankful For Cancer

The words “thankful and cancer” do not usually go together! But maybe they can…. Although intellectually we are far above other animals, we have a tendency to live our lives with a tunnel –like vision. We see our life as we anticipate it to be and often believe “this can’t happen to me”! This belief then leads us to expect how our day to day life will take place. But things don’t always work the way we think they will! There’s an old saying I like and so not to bring religion to this you can fill in the (higher power) of your choice; we make plans and (G-D) makes decisions. When we are faced with a diagnosis of cancer, everything changes; our plans, our life and most often our values. We

Apple A Day

Our parents always tried to teach us to eat our fruits and vegetables and as hard as it may be to admit it- they were right! As little as an apple a day may just be what you need to help fight cancer . Research from the Cornell University in Ithaca, NY have shown after several published studies there is growing evidence that an apple and other fruits and vegetables significantly inhibit in rats, the size of mammary tumors. The importance of phytochemicals known as flavanoids which are found in apples along with other fruits and vegetables based on the study by Rui Hai Liu who is a member of Cornell’s Comparative and Environmental Toxicology. In addition, studies have consistently shown that

What Can I Do?

What Can “I” do? Many years ago I remember asking my doctor this question only to be told; “We’ll keep a close watch and have a mammogram done every 6 months” with the thoughts of catching anything that appears early so we can take care of it quickly. But that wasn’t my question! My question was- what can “I” do?! There must be something to assist with prevention?! With the help of my husband, we researched and have learned over the past 15 years, there are many things we can do for and to assist ourselves. How we live our lives from the foods we eat, the added nutritional products we supplement with, how we handle stress in our life along with physical activity as well can make a differen

Deodorants & Breast Cancer

Don’t sweat about your deodorant! You know you have many options regarding your deodorant; roll on, solid, pump, pine forest fresh scents to unscented! But when was the last time you read the deodorant ingredients? First lets talk about the difference between antiperspirant and deodorants. Antiperspirants usually contain chemical compounds that work to block the pores from releasing perspiration such as Aluminum and may include fragrance as well. This eliminates sweat and odor. Deodorants may allow perspiration to be released but with no odor as the ingredients contained are used to kill this bacteria. The release of perspiration permits the body to release toxins as well. Depending on the i

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