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e 2011 Part 3 Nutritional Supplements

You’re eating healthier and you have made exercise a part of your day and or week, is this enough? You’re on the way but we believe in added nutritional supplements for optimal health and wellness. Our body needs fuel whether it’s food or supplementation and inferior nutrition sets us up for disease. How much broccoli, brussel-sprouts, apples and blueberries (anythocyanins) can you eat in a day? Or can you drink enough red wine to reap the rewards of Resveratrol without becoming an alcoholic? It is difficult to consume through our daily healthy diets what our body needs to support itself, especially if you are at a higher risk or working towards the prevention of disease. In addition, keep

Lifestyle Part 2 Move It!

In Part 2 of our Healthy Lifestyle eating healthier is a great start but exercise is equally as important for your body and your mind. In addition to getting those good endorphins flowing the list of benefits derived from exercise could fill this whole page! What’s most important is that some type of exercise is included in your day or week, even if that just means taking the stairs more often, parking your car further away and walking or taking time to stretch to keep flexible. Another words, keep moving! Exercise not only helps with your weight, but is also needed for your brain and your overall health. Most studies have proven that exercise is important to assist in the prevention of Can

2011 Lifestyle Part 1

What does this New Year 2011 have in store for you? Or what are you hoping it will bring and how much of it is in your control? What happens if YOU receive a diagnosis regarding cancer this year? Are you someone who takes the time to make a list of resolutions or even think about what you would like to change with this New Year? How many times have you made the same resolution only to give up on it? Are you setting realistic goals for yourself? And let’s talk about that “going on a diet” resolution! This month we will discuss changes in your life, some that are in your control, others than are not and how to prepare yourself for them. Feel free to add a comment at the bottom if there is a sp

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