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EXTRA, EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! In October you can’t open the newspaper, magazine or computer without the inclusion of a news piece or promotion related to breast cancer awareness along with the pink ribbons. We’ll read tons of articles to help with awareness and unfortunately many including the stories of loved ones who have passed from the disease. The truth is, almost all of these stories are about women with breast cancer, or men who have lost their wives, mothers, etc. and how they feel. Is this what you’re looking for when you open your newspaper? What would you think if you saw an article written about a man who was diagnosed and what it’s like for his wife or sister to help them thro


It's the Fall season with all the those beautiful colors! Let’s make great use of all those pumpkins! What a wonderful time of year it is- Fall! With Halloween in the air and Thanksgiving on the way we are surrounded by pumpkins everywhere! From carved pumpkins that are scary, funny, pretty, painted pink and blue or relay messages we love seeing them all! In addition to the emotional side –going to the pumpkin patch, the fun of carving or the family working on it together that pumpkins offer, it’s most important to note pumpkin is healthy for you too! Pumpkin as an anti-cancer food is often forgotten about most of the rest of the year. So what makes pumpkin help fight breast cancer? First,

Learn About Prostate and Breast Health

Most men are already aware of the risk of developing Prostate Cancer so let’s talk about some things you may not know as well for September’s National Prostate Awareness Month. First, in addition to prostate cancer, if you have a family history of breast (female or male) pancreatic, melanoma or other cancers, you may be at an increased risk due to your genetic background. If your family is from the Ashkenazi European Jewish decent, there is a higher risk that you are a carrier of the BRCA genetic mutation which could increase your risk for any of these types of cancers. Men with a BRCA genetic mutation may be twice as likely to develop prostate cancer. It’s important to note that both Mal

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