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What About The MEN This October?

Here it comes! Are you ready for the world to turn PINK for breast cancer awareness? Let’s face it, if you’re a man, you probably tune all this “pink stuff” right out! But what if the pink ribbon had a little BLUE in it? Then would you notice it? Do men even know they have breast tissue? And if you are interested, how many of you really do anything with this awareness? Ask yourself these questions and see how educated you really are?(For your sake we hope you get 100% correct) The below questions should be answered by both men and women; o Do you know or talk about a family history of ALL cancers for both genders? o Do you know that men can be diagnosed with breast cancer? o Do you (me


Are you "aware" and making healthier choices? You hear all about awareness for breast cancer through the gazillion commercials and advertisements with the pink ribbon letting you know you should “be aware”. Do you choose the foods you eat or the personal care products you use because they support Breast Cancer? And why are these products only supporting women’s needs? What about the men?! Are they really teaching you anything or just helping to increase their profits which in turn allows them to make a donation to ‘the cause’? Let’s begin by acknowledging that what you put on and in your body can make a difference for your health. Whether you’re a woman, a man or a child, the foods we eat, t

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