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The Real You- Have you met yet?! So I’m in the elevator in the building where I live and a resident says “Hi, How are you?”. I reply “OK”, maybe sounding a little more solem. So then they’re like “what’s wrong?”. How do I explain there isn’t anything “wrong” but there also aren’t things “right"? Through this most recent (of 4) cancer diagnosis, over the years of completing multiple surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, hysterectomy, mastectomy, reconstruction and everything in between life throws at you I have finally learned to be honest with myself and others. In other words, no fake news here! I’m honest, easy to read and what you get is “the real me”. I could answer a “how are you?” with “

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HIS Breast Cancer Awareness is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization supporting the awareness and education of male breast cancer survival rate and support, breast cancer in men risk factors, male breast cancer statistics, male breast cancer symptoms, male breast cancer treatment, signs and symptoms of male breast cancer lump, causes, survival, ribbon, ICD 10, BRCA, BRCA2 and breast cancer genetics in men. is an educational website supporting male breast cancer coalition. All information contained herein is not a substitute for medical advice and/or treatment. We are not physicians. Please consult your physician for any medical concerns as our information is not intended for any diagnoses. We do not assume any liability for the accuracy or usefulness of any information on this web site.


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