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Increasing Your Chances Against Male Breast Cancer Through Weight Loss

In the US alone, over 2,000 new male breast cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed each year according to a study published by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Organization. To make matters worse, other studies say that these numbers are bound to go up in the coming years. The good news, however, is that early detection and effective medication and treatment can significantly increase a patient’s chances of survival and recovery. Of course, avoiding the condition altogether is even better. Fortunately, research has time and time again shown that simply living a healthy lifestyle is a great way to dramatically reduce a person’s risk for several types of cancer. This is not only because doi

Male Breast Cancer and the BRCA Genetic Mutation

A look at the BRCA genetic mutation and its link to breast cancer. Some types of cancer are typically associated with a particular gender. For example, Breast Cancer is typically a disease that many people associate with women. What many people don't realize, however, is that with breast tissue present in men and women, men can also be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Often cause by genetic pre-dispositions and mutations such as the BRCA genetic mutation, understanding male Breast Cancer, it's causes and how to live a healthy style for the management and prevention of this disease is essential for every person with a history of breast cancer in their family. How does breast cancer occur? Cancer

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