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The Best Father's Day Gift You Can Give

On Father’s Day you’re probably thinking about the family of men in your life. In addition to your father or father in law or husband, you probably send wishes to sons, brothers, uncles, friends and neighbors. This Father’s Day would be a great opportunity to help make them all aware that breast cancer is not just a woman’s disease. How many men are diagnosed with male breast cancer? The percentage is small, but is even a small number not important enough? Because it is few, does this mean we should ignore the possibility? For a large percentage of the men diagnosed, it is often more fatal since no one is looking, it is found much later and more progressed. The first step for HIS is to bring

Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Is your glass half full or half empty? Do you find something positive no matter what or only have negative thoughts? Does the way you think have an effect on your health? POSITIVELY! This is an easy question for me to answer personally. I have always been a “glass half full” kind of person. No matter how bad you think things are or can be, there is always something good if you search hard enough. I may not always like what is going on around me, but I know deep down, there is also something good. Being a pessimistic thinker can affect your over -all health and well being starting with your outlook on life. If you see partly cloudy skies, then you expect it to rain and maybe even cancel you

Happy Stress

So everything is going well in your life and you couldn’t be happier! But can good things cause stress too? Is there a difference between the stress you feel whether it comes from good or bad? I could spend the whole time discussing stress as it stands and the negative effects it has on our overall health. We all know how stress relates to weakening our immune system, causing headaches, flu, heart attacks and cancer along with changes in diet, sleep, sex and overall happiness. Male Breast Cancer is effected by stress as well. These are all easy to explain when the negative stress you are feeling is due to over working, money problems, relationships, lack of time and many other possible issu

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