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Is Air Pollution Responsible For The Rise In Male Breast Cancer?

Since the 1970s, male breast cancer cases have risen from 0.86 cases per 100,000 men to 1.2. Deaths relating to air pollution are rising too. Vox reports that there were almost 10,000 more deaths caused by air pollution in 2018 than there were in 2016. This, therefore, highlights the serious impact that air pollution has on the nation’s health. But most importantly, it begs the question: is air pollution contributing to the growing number of males being diagnosed with breast cancer? Is outdoor air pollution to blame? Studies have found a link between outdoor air pollution caused by traffic and breast cancer. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) in particular are believed to play

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Having, recovering or being at risk for cancer is scary enough, now add COVID-19 During this challenging time with the Coronavirus, it’s important to continue to keep your mind and body strong during this time of social isolation, a loss of routine and increased anxiety. HIS Breast Cancer Awareness and Grokker are able to provide you with this FREE link to access thousands of on line holistic wellbeing programs and videos-including fitness, mental health, yoga, nutrition, sleep and financial wellness. Free Individual Access Individuals can create a free account by going to and clicking on the “Get Grokker Free” button. You can then complete Grokker’s standard

Cancer and Coronavirus Fears

As a cancer survivor, do we live in fear of a virus too? As a survivor there are the constant thoughts and worries about recurrence or worse, metastasis. As a BRCA mutation carrier (or any hereditary genetic mutation), there are days of fear with a greater risk of a new diagnosis. These bring a challenge to every minute, hour and days of our life. How does this compare to the fears of the Coronavirus? While flying home from vacation with my brother Harvey and our spouses, a trip we enjoy together each year that started after Harvey’s male breast cancer diagnosis, I watched how people reacted to a sneeze or cough around them on the plane. Today we are all concerned about the Coronavirus (COV

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