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Newly Diagnosed with Male Breast Cancer

I am 55-year-old white male married 35 years with 2 children and 2 grandchildren. One day in September 2019, I was in the shower shaving and felt something on my left breast right below my areola. When I got out, I asked my wife to feel this and give me her opinion. After she felt it, she said I had a lump and need to go to my doctor. I made an appointment and went to visit him for a check which he said probably just a lipoma or fat deposit and said he would order an ultrasound. I left his office and went across the street to the imaging center where they told me he filled out the paper wrong and I would have to go back and get it changed. Irritated and just feeling uneasy I called my wife’s

Guest Story- A Male Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Five years ago, a tumor was discovered in the duct of my left nipple. The tumor stimulated the nipple duct to lactate and then discharge blood. Classified as benign, it was removed by a breast specialist in Brooklyn, NY. I work as a musician and high school teacher. Recently, after doing errands and chores, I felt a sharp pain in the area of the nipple incision. The pain was followed by swelling and lasted a few days. At first I thought that I might have pulled something by lifting. The swelling went down but then a lump appeared. I went back to the breast specialist I had seen five years earlier. The doctor believed that the area was of concern, so she ordered a sonogram in case it was some

Conquering Exercise as a Cancer Survivor During Covid-19

Surviving breast cancer definitely isn’t easy but being a survivor during Covid-19 makes everything even more challenging! As a man, you’re probably used to feeling strong and able to conquer most anything but after being diagnosed with male breast cancer, you may have to work a little harder to regain that strength. HIS Breast Cancer wants to assist with giving away FREE year long memberships to Grokker and providing a few tips for your daily exercise routine. Grokker shares on-line health and fitness videos for meditation, yoga, cardio, core strength, cooking and more! Exercise has a variety of physical and emotional benefits from stress reduction, improved mood, better sleep, muscle suppo

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