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Sharing Your Cancer Diagnosis

Everything You Need to Know When Telling Friends and Family about Your Breast Cancer The time after being diagnosed with breast cancer is tough, and one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face, especially if you're a man diagnosed with male breast cancer and the stigma that goes along with this. However, it’s not something you have to, nor should, go through alone, which is why you need to tell your friends and family; but this is but another challenge. While some people will be open about their condition with their loved ones, others find it hard. It’s so important you don’t rush into the disclosure, but instead wait until you’re entirely ready to share. There’s a lot to think about, all

Breast Cancer in Men: Statistics and Facts

Breast cancer in males is a rare occurrence: less than 1% of all breast cancer cases occur in men. For men, the lifetime risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer is about 1 in 833. However, just because it is rare doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and learning the facts and statistics about this condition can save lives. Breast cancer may be considered by most as a female-only disease: after all, men don’t have breasts, right? Well, the truth is, all humans have breast tissue. The hormones in a woman’s body cause the tissue to develop into full breasts, whilst a man’s hormones don’t. Still, variances in hormones can cause men to develop small breasts, which are usually just muscle and fat. If

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