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I was filled with emotion when asking my three sons to share what they remember when I told them I carried the BRCA genetic mutation and how it affected them...

My oldest son Sam- “I recall a sense of relief on one hand as I finally knew there was some logical explanation as to why the cancer kept coming back, at the same time, the relief quickly turned to fear and uncertainty, mostly surrounding the fact that there was no cure or preventative solution for this issue you and potentially others i...

It’s almost a given that in one’s lifetime either a friend, family member, loved one or oneself will be diagnosed with cancer. It surrounds us and is a part of our life even if it’s just a fleeting moment because we experience a pain, feel something somewhere on our body, or just self-diagnos.

So you would think when my brother Harvey called me to say he was on his way to see his doctor because he thought he felt a lump, or something on his breast area, I would have been more prepared. Especially...

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September 28, 2016

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