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August 28, 2018

Organizing An Event To Raise Awareness Of Male Breast Cancer

Increasing public awareness of male breast cancer is key to lowering its occurrence in men. It’s down to the current lack of awareness that men are much less likely to detect breast cancer early on — meaning it therefore has a 25% higher mortality rate than female breast cancer, Johns Hopkins Medicine explains. Getting involved and educating people on the signs and symptoms of male breast cancer has never been more important. Join us in...

Here it comes! Are you ready for the world to turn PINK for breast cancer awareness? Let’s face it, if you’re a man, you probably tune all this “pink stuff” right out! But what if the pink ribbon had a little BLUE in it? Then would you notice it? Do men even know they have breast tissue? And if you are interested, how many of you really do anything with this awareness?

Ask yourself these questions and see how educated you really are?(For...

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