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It’s begins with Thanksgiving, a day, an hour or a few minutes to give thanks. But how does one do that when our health (or of a loved one) is being challenged? Can we dig deep enough inside to find reasons to be thankful and joyful this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season? We may not always be happy, but we can be thankful!

I always thought of myself as a glass half full kind of person. One who could always find a better

way or reason to overcome a challenge and turn a difficult situat...

Together we are making a difference with awareness and savings lives and we hope you all feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude. For all of you, we are very thankful.

Often we are on the receiving line of the “thank you”; contacted by men or family members who have found us, found an outlet to share and to know they are not alone with a breast cancer diagnosis. Today however we’d like to take some time to thank those who have helped us to spread awareness of Male Breast Cancer and save lives.


The words “thankful and cancer” do not usually go together!  But maybe they can….

Although intellectually we are far above other animals, we have a tendency to live our lives with a tunnel –like vision.  

We see our life as we anticipate it to be and often believe “this can’t happen to me”! This belief then leads us to expect how our day to day life will take place.  But things don’t always work the way we think they will! There’s an old saying I like and so not to bring religion to this you can f...

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September 28, 2016

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