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#GivingTuesday Please....

#GivingTuesday, is a global giving movement that has been driven by individuals, families, organizations, businesses and communities in all 50 states and in countries around the world. After two days for getting deals – Black Friday and Cyber Monday – #GivingTuesday is a day for giving back.

There are so many ways that you can help HIS Breast Cancer Awareness with your donations so let us share some suggestions from donations HIS Breast Cancer will receive when you shop online, sending your holiday wishes, or just meeting your end of the year charitable tax deductions.

First, if you’re shopping on amazon this holiday or all year long, first go to and choose from the list or search to select HIS Breast Cancer Awareness as your charity of choice or click directly on this link; Every time you shop with, amazon will make a donation to us- it’s that easy! You shop, save and HIS BCA is rewarded.

If you’re out of ideas on what to get or even IF you should be buying someone a present, a donation card with your wishes makes the perfect and most thoughtful gift. You can order one that we’ll mail for you or purchase a pack of 10 cards. In addition to the holidays, you can keep them on hand all year long to honor a birthday, send get well wishes, or offer a note of congratulations. You make the acknowledgement, and the receiver appreciates your kindness and learns that male breast cancer does exist; you might just even save a life with awareness! To order one or purchase a pack, visit the SHOP page on the web site here;

If you like to wait to the end of the year to choose your charities and make your donations then please consider a donation to HIS Breast Cancer Awareness. Your donations assist with offering insight, education and awareness of Male Breast Cancer and Genetic knowledge and can be made directly on the web through paypal or you’re welcome to mail us a check. Whether you are making a personal donation, a corporation or asking for a business to match, any donation is welcomed and very much appreciated.

It is projected that over 2,500 new cases of male breast cancer will be diagnosed and over 400 men will die from the disease. The percentage fatality rate is often higher for men diagnosed with breast cancer as usually no one is checking and men don’t notice the symptoms of male breast cancer as they are not even aware they can be diagnosed with breast cancer. Men also do not have the options women may with breast conserving surgery/treatment and so mastectomy is most often performed due to the limited amount of tissue. Just imagine hearing the words as a man, or a woman about her father, husband, son or any loved one; Sir, You Have Breast Cancer! Breast cancer doesn’t just affect sisters and daughter’s, breast cancer affects sons and brothers. In addition with the current awareness of the BRCA gene mutation it’s important to note that 50% of the worlds BRCA (breast cancer susceptibility gene) carriers are male which are also known factors in the cause of Prostate, Pancreatic, Melanoma and Ovarian as well as many other cancers.

HIS Breast Cancer Awareness was formed in 2010 as a fully credited nonprofit 501©3 organization to bring education, awareness, prevention and support to anyone dealing with Male Breast Cancer or having a family member with a history of Breast Cancer.

We know that we have already saved men’s lives and with your support, we can reach so many more!

Please consider choosing HIS Breast Cancer Awareness as your charity to give and support this #GivingTuesday and through the holidays.

Thank you in advance for any donation in support of Male Breast Cancer!

Happy and Healthy Holidays

Modeh Ani- I Am Thankful

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