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HIS breast cancer founders

About HIS

HIS Breast Cancer Awareness was founded in honor of all men who are at risk of, diagnosed, and surviving the Disease of Breast Cancer and those who have died because of it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase awareness and hence the early detection for all men and to help those who are at high risk due to genetics and other risk factors to gain access to regular screenings. Through our efforts we hope to increase all studies and trials to include men for Diagnostics, Hormonal, Immunotherapy and Genetics, gaining a true understanding of how this disease progresses in men, how it conflicts with that of a woman, and the best course of treatment.

HIS Breast Cancer founders on GMA

About The Founders

Harvey Singer - HIS Male Breast Cancer Co-Founder

Harvey I. Singer

HIS Co-Founder | Male Breast Cancer Survivor | Prostate Cancer Survivor | BRCA2 Gene Mutation Carrier

In October of 2008 and after ignoring some basic signs and symptoms for about 4 months, I was officially diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Even though my younger sister had lived with Breast Cancer and three recurrences of it and had been genetically diagnosed as BRCA 2 positive, I was still shocked that I, a 54 year old male, could contract this disease.

Vicki Wolf - HIS Male Breast Cancer Co-Founder

Vicki M. Wolf

HIS Co-Founder | 4x Breast Cancer Survivor | BRCA2 Gene Mutation Carrier

With a family history of cancers, two diagnoses of DCIS and two IDC myself, plus learning that I carry a genetic mutation it is important to me to help educate and support my sons, family and anyone who has a higher risk of developing cancer. Creating our foundation, educating and advocating is my passion. 


Your gift will be put to great use in bringing valuable information regarding male breast cancer awareness and education. In addition, our goal is to assist in the funding of research that will result in great advances in education, prevention, treatment and hopefully one day, a cure.  The funds raised by this foundation will work to achieve our goals for all men who are at risk of or diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • Research and Education

  • Patient Support

  • Awareness and Outreach

  • Community Advocacy

  • Support Healthcare Professionals

  • Collaboration and Research Grants

  • Promote Early Detection & Screening

  • Support Survivors & Public Health Initiatives

  • Partnerships Community Engagement

Vicki and Harvey - HIS Male Breast Cancer Support

Medical Advisory Board

Our advisors and experts help us inform, educate and confirm the information provided by HIS Breast Cancer Awareness is accurate and up to date.

HIS Breast Cancer Press

Media & Press

Discover HIS: Your source for Male Breast Cancer Awareness. Explore our media and press features for the latest news, stories, and resources dedicated to raising awareness and support for men affected by breast cancer. Stay informed, get involved, and join the fight to raise awareness and support for male breast and hereditary cancers.

Derek Mann - HIS Male Breast Cancer Awareness Medical Advisor

Derek Mann, MS, LCGC 

Michelle Shayne - HIS Male Breast Cancer Awareness Medical Advisor

Michelle Shayne, MD

Christopher Caldwell HIS Male Breast Cancer Awareness Medical Advisor

Christopher B.

Caldwell, MD

Peter Beitsche HIS Male Breast Cancer Awareness Medical Advisor

Dr. Peter Beitsch, MD

Dr. Tuya Pal HIS Male Breast Cancer Awareness Medical Advisor

Dr. Tuya Pal, MD

Timeline History


Harvey and Vicki’s Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer
Vicki’s first diagnosis - DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ) Breast Cancer


Vicki’s second diagnosis - DCIS Breast Cancer


Vicki’s third diagnosis - IDC (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma)


Vicki’s genetic testing - BRCA2 genetic mutation carrier


Harvey’s breast cancer diagnosis - mastectomy and chemotherapy


Harvey’s genetic testing - BRCA2 genetic mutation carrier


HIS Breast Cancer Awareness formed


Harvey’s prostate cancer diagnosis & prostatectomy


Harvey’s book published: Sir, You Have Breast Cancer!


Featured in Pink & Blue: Colors of Hereditary Cancer Documentary


Vicki’s fourth diagnosis - IDC Breast Cancer


Vicki Double Mastectomy with reconstruction and chemotherapy


HIS new branding launched


HIS website redesigned and updated

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