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2011 Lifestyle Part 1

What does this New Year 2011 have in store for you? Or what are you hoping it will bring and how much of it is in your control? What happens if YOU receive a diagnosis regarding cancer this year?

Are you someone who takes the time to make a list of resolutions or even think about what you would like to change with this New Year? How many times have you made the same resolution only to give up on it? Are you setting realistic goals for yourself? And let’s talk about that “going on a diet” resolution!

This month we will discuss changes in your life, some that are in your control, others than are not and how to prepare yourself for them. Feel free to add a comment at the bottom if there is a specific topic you would like us to write about or add to the Forum on to give and receive suggestions.

Our first bit of advice is to think about life style changes that support your overall well being. As we age (no matter what your current age is), our body and mind needs a few tweaks. These aren’t usually temporary but more overall life-style upgrades. Prevention is key! Like our home, after many years we need new appliances, new support for older structures. We often think about our financial stability and how we are going to invest our money so we have what we need for hopefully many years to come. You only have one lifetime in this body so now is the time to invest in it! Aren’t you worth it?

So where do we begin? Each person must prioritize what change(s) may be the most important for them self. It may be as simple as getting more sleep, giving your body and mind a chance to recharge. We believe we are what we eat so what and how much you put into your body may be a good place to start. For many, they are already making healthier food choices while eating more fruits, vegetables, fish and grains which possibly are also Organic. But the other issue may be the portion size as “too much of a good thing” isn’t always good- at least when it comes to watching your weight. Whether you’re looking to maintain or loose, metabolism changes as we age and we can’t continue to enjoy “all” of the foods we once did. That doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves occasionally or indulge with a smaller amount less often. This is not a diet! This is a conscious lifestyle change. Because of this, you do not eliminate that cookie or ice cream or whatever your favorite food might be. You just need to learn to adjust your daily intake if you’re going to have “those” foods also that day.

Here are a few rules to remember;

1) Look at the servings per package and or servings size as one small package could be for multiple servings

2) Your plate should consist of 2/3 or more of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans and 1/3 or less should be lean animal protein

3) Enjoy a salad but remember to watch the serving size of the dressing on top or choose to add fresh squeezed lemon juice or vinegar instead

4) Try not to drink your calories with soda and sugary juices plus 8 glasses of water daily is recommended. Also keep alcoholic drinks to a minimum as well as less mixed drinks with higher amounts of sugar and calories.

5) Snacks should be around 100 calories with a selection of fruits, veggies, low fat cheese, low or non fat yogurt or a handful of nuts are all good choices

There are many books and blogs on the subjects of diet so we don’t want to be redundant; we just want to see you make a conscious decision about your lifestyle regarding eating habits that will work for you. This should be a healthy choice, one you can live with, as anything else you will only get frustrated and tired of and it will not last. Start slow as you don’t need to make all of your diet changes at one time. Set yourself a goal list and when you want to accomplish it by such as; add more fruits, eat more vegetables, choose healthier snacks or make fish your protein 2-3 times a week. Of course, we also recommend any and all of the above be done with organic , antibiotic and/or hormone free choices or at the very least, remove partially hydrogenated oils from your food choices. Read ingredient labels and become educated if you are not already as this alone will make for a healthier lifestyle change.

You’re never too young and it’s never too late to make healthier lifestyle changes,

Healthy 2011

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