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In October you can’t open the newspaper, magazine or computer without the inclusion of a news piece or promotion related to breast cancer awareness along with the pink ribbons. We’ll read tons of articles to help with awareness and unfortunately many including the stories of loved ones who have passed from the disease.

The truth is, almost all of these stories are about women with breast cancer, or men who have lost their wives, mothers, etc. and how they feel. Is this what you’re looking for when you open your newspaper? What would you think if you saw an article written about a man who was diagnosed and what it’s like for his wife or sister to help them through this fight? Don't you want to learn something new?

While I myself am a 3 time survivor of breast cancer the story that I would want to share is more than about the disease itself. I also carry the BRCA genetic mutation and as a sister of two brothers, a wife to my husband, I’m also a mother of 3 sons and an aunt to many nephews and want men like my family members to know they too can be diagnosed with breast cancer.

A BRCA genetic mutation can be passed down thru a mother or father to a daughter or son.

My two brothers have since been tested because of the knowledge I learned with genetic counseling and they both, like myself also carry the BRCA2 genetic mutation. This means they are at risk for breast cancer, earlier onset prostate, pancreatic, melanoma and other cancers. With this information they know they need to make better lifestyle choices, perform self breast examinations and discuss this information with their medical professionals for a better understanding of their risk and surveillance. All of this information will also assist them, their children and children’s children for better decisions later as we hopefully progress with new procedures, previvor options and even vaccines for prevention.

As for one of my brother’s, Harvey was diagnosed a few years after I was with breast and then

prostate cancer. From his experience, to assist himself through the process as well as other men who will unfortunately follow in his footsteps, he has written a book called Sir, You Have Breast Cancer! Being a man diagnosed with breast cancer in the world of pink has additional challenges with the actual diagnosis. Hopefully you’ll read his book for a few laughs, insight and to learn more about what his life was like before and after being diagnosed with male breast cancer. It’s definitely an enjoyable read!

Sir, You Have Breast Cancer can be found directly on amazon here;

Together we have co-founded our non profit organization called HIS Breast Cancer Awareness. You can visit our web site for up to date information as well at

Another great read for anyone going thru a diagnosis or for support after is Surviving Cancer: Our Voices and Our Choices. This is a book of compilations by Marion Behr that will provide a great amount of information and support, will open your hearts and your mind and includes astounding artwork by Marion from used radiation cradles. This is a must read and must see book and has already won several metals!

Surviving Cancer: Our Voices and Our choices can be found directly on amazon here;

The above books both make great gifts as well and are available on the SHOP page of the HIS Breast Cancer Awareness website as well as available thru amazon.

When you shop amazon, please remember to first go to and select HIS Breast Cancer Awareness as your charity of choice. Amazon will make a donation with each purchase so thank you in advance! Or you can click on this link.

So let’s expand our knowledge, learn from those before us and broaden those articles to include the additional male story of breast cancer to truly educate and save lives. You can also find great links for additional suggested reading materials on our web site here;

Of course, hopefully you are also reading our blogs so check back often and share.

Modah Ani- I Am Thankful

Best of Health,

Editor: Vicki Singer Wolf, Co-founder

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