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What About The MEN This October?

Here it comes! Are you ready for the world to turn PINK for breast cancer awareness? Let’s face it, if you’re a man, you probably tune all this “pink stuff” right out! But what if the pink ribbon had a little BLUE in it? Then would you notice it? Do men even know they have breast tissue? And if you are interested, how many of you really do anything with this awareness?

Ask yourself these questions and see how educated you really are?(For your sake we hope you get 100% correct)

The below questions should be answered by both men and women;

o Do you know or talk about a family history of ALL cancers for both genders?

o Do you know that men can be diagnosed with breast cancer?

o Do you (men and women) perform a self breast exam once a month?

o Have you changed or improved your diet or nutritional intake to increase prevention?

o Do you fit in at least 3-5 hours of exercise a week?

o How much alcohol is “ok” to consume if you’re concerned about breast cancer?

o Has anyone in your family (men and women) been tested for the BRCA (breast cancer susceptibility gene) mutation?

o If you have family members (with or without a gene mutation) with Prostate, Ovarian, Melanoma, Pancreatic and other cancers does this increase your risk of Breast Cancer?

o Does your family doctor, gynecologist or urologist talk to you about your risks due to a family history of cancer(s)?

o Does your doctor perform a routine breast exam if you’re a man? If not, who is checking you for this if you do have a family history of cancers?

o Can a man have a mammogram?

o Do men have breast?

Most of us know the stats on breast cancer in women (1 in 8 women will be diagnosed) but did you know that over 2,600 new cases of male breast cancer is expected and almost 500 will likely die from the disease? Most often men are diagnosed too late because no one is checking, or even knows they should check!

This month of "Pink-tober", we need to stretch the boundaries of breast cancer awareness to include men and really help educate. Let’s add some blue to the pink and help men learn they too can be affected by this disease in a "BLINK" Men need to know they do have breast and what their risk factors are. Women need to be informed not just for themselves, their sisters or daughters but for their husbands, brothers and sons. Showing support for our pink and blue ribbon tells everyone that this is not just a pink disease and is the first step to breaking down the stigma’s that go along with it. Let’s show what awareness is really all about and educate all genders.

And just think how much more “business” can be had by expanding the pink and blue for women and men! Unfortunately this is a strong driving force to what is behind the awareness campaign by many companies. Even the NFL uses the pink awareness to attract (and grow) the female audience. We want to help them to really educate their audience, their already in demand male audience! This would be what awareness is truly about and will make a difference in saving lives!

For more information on Male Breast Cancer or to donate, visit HIS Breast Cancer Awareness (a fully accredited 501c3 nonprofit organization);

Modah Ani- I Am Thankful

Editor; Vicki Singer Wolf, Co-founder

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