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October Awareness is Pink and blue

This is not your typical fall!

The temperatures are dropping and the humidity is less, it’s so nice to welcome the fall season. As summer has officially ended, we are now preparing for the changing of the colors of the leaves, the flowers, yummy apples and all those pumpkins waiting to be carved.

But October represents more than just the fall season as we are surrounded by ribbons of pink to represent breast cancer awareness month. STOP, WAIT, LOOK! What’s that? It’s Pink and Blue?! Do you know that Breast cancer is not just a women’s disease? If we’re going to talk about awareness, then it’s time we really understand there is more to this month than making sure women are checking themselves, going for mammograms and talking with their mother’s about their genetic history.

Sir, You Have Breast Cancer! Imagine hearing those words…

Breast cancer in men is where it was for women so many decades ago, no one uttered these words in public, no one is checking, treatments for it are not understood and most don’t even know that men can be diagnosed with this disease!

So where do we begin? Where breast cancer in women is moving from awareness to the cure, breast cancer in men is just starting it’s focus to educate. For men, knowing they can be diagnosed with this disease and their risk factors including genes what may help to actually save their life.

Several questions men should ask are:

  • Do you have a family history of breast (male or female), ovarian, prostate or other cancers?

  • Has someone in your family been diagnosed with one of these cancers at an early age?

  • Has anyone in your family had genetic testing completed and discussed these results with you?

  • As a man, does your doctor perform a breast exam during your yearly physical? Especially if you have a family history of cancer.

It’s time for women to help the men in their life, for doctors to help educate and check their male patients, for the NFL to add some blue to the pink, for our communities involved in raising awareness and dollars help by including men and its time for men to stand up and speak about breast cancer for themselves, not just for the women in their life.

Pink & Blue, a documentary to help educate the world is now completed and HIS Breast Cancer Awareness is proud to be a part of this amazing work by the acclaimed Director Alan Blassberg and his team. Pink&Blue will help make the changes that are needed thru their large audience on screen. View the trailer on our web site and visit their website for information on where to see this documentary in your area.

So this month when you see “all those ads and promotions” for breast cancer in women, and the pink ribbons, remind your community, your favorite store and especially your family, that breast cancer is not just pink, it’s ‘pink and blue’!

Visit HIS Breast Cancer Awareness for more information on Male Breast Cancer and show your support for an organization that is working hard to make a difference and save lives with education and early detection.

Modah Ani- I Am Thankful

Best of Health,

Editor: Vicki Singer Wolf, Co-founder

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