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Taking Back Control

“My body had a mind of its own. I needed to take control, for my mind, my health and my soul.”

I decided to go to Hilton Head Health (H3) at a not-so-perfect time in my life. I had just recently received my third diagnosis of breast cancer since the age of 37. With the third diagnosis being invasive, the following procedures and medication lead to a complete devastation to my overall system. My body seemed to have a mind of its own, and I decided it was time for me to take control.

Something I hadn’t done since working full time for almost 30 years, raising a family and dealing with multiple breast cancer diagnoses as well as a hysterectomy, I knew I wanted to go somewhere that would allow me to take some much-needed time for myself. I sat down with my husband Gary and we began researching where to go. What really made Hilton Head Health stand out compared to the other top selections, was that it wasn’t just about weight loss or diet, but the emotional support they provided. They also had lots of opportunities for exercises and seminars while still allowing me some time to myself. My husband and I agreed it was the perfect fit.

Traveling by myself was a bit intimidating but I ended up sharing a villa with a young girl from Colombia. It was like being with one of my own children’s friends and we hit it off from the start. Even though I traveled solo, I was surrounded by a group of wonderful and eclectic group of people. We were all brought to Hilton Head Health for different reasons, some for one week, some for several months, but no one questioned why you were there, just accepting we had all become a part of everyone’s own personal journeys.

My typical day at H3 consisted of a bike ride from my villa to the main building or to the beach. I enjoyed delicious chef-prepared meals three times a day. The food was outstanding with plenty of great tasting options and to my surprise I never walked away from the table hungry! Then, I would meet with a counselor, sit in on seminars, have health screenings as well as enjoy outdoor activities including kayaking and group bike rides.

My stay was initially for two weeks. However, as the end of the second week was approaching, I didn’t feel “ready” and decided to stay an extra week. During my three weeks, I had established a routine of time for myself, time to rebuild, exercise, meditate at the beach and even went out and played 9 holes of golf! The chef, instructors and staff were all amazing. I felt encouraged and emotionally supported along the way.

Upon leaving H3, I was feeling great and was ready to take what I learned to continue to make better decisions. I co-founded an organization called HIS Breast Cancer Awareness for male breast cancer and hereditary cancers with my brother Harvey, who is also a breast cancer survivor. As a mother of sons, I knew it was important to help educate others and help save lives. I used what I learned at H3 and provided Harvey with a similar regimen of supplements, diet and exercise for overall health. My work with my family’s health and wellness e-commerce start-up LuckyVitamin continues to this day.

Through LuckyVitamin, I am able to share with others how they too can invest in their health. What we put in our body can make a difference and my family (and all the staff) at LuckyVitamin are here to assist you on the journey towards wellness. When you shop at, you are shopping products that many of us use daily.

My experience at H3 was life changing and I continue to follow as much of the program as I can. Since my first stay at Hilton Head Health, I was able to return and share the amazing experience with my husband. We are now living our lives in a similar healthy style. One day, I hope to visit with my brother Harvey as well. To me, it was a true wellness vacation amongst trained and passionate health and wellness professionals.

Modah Ani, I Am Thankful

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