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Organize An Event To Raise Awareness

Organizing An Event To Raise Awareness Of Male Breast Cancer

Increasing public awareness of male breast cancer is key to lowering its occurrence in men. It’s down to the current lack of awareness that men are much less likely to detect breast cancer early on — meaning it therefore has a 25% higher mortality rate than female breast cancer, Johns Hopkins Medicine explains. Getting involved and educating people on the signs and symptoms of male breast cancer has never been more important. Join us in creating awareness of male breast cancer and hold your own event this October!

Male breast cancer awareness week

Most people probably already know October is breast cancer awareness month, but did you realize that the third week of October is solely designated to raising awareness for male breast cancer? Many aren’t aware men can even get breast cancer, so this is the perfect time to hold your event! If fundraising is your main goal, first get clear on where you want the money to go to. Do you know a cancer patient or a cancer research facility in need of donations? Your event is much more likely to be a success when you have clear fundraising goals you can clearly share with others. HIS Breast Cancer Awareness is just one organization that assist with education and awareness of male breast cancer and hereditary genetic mutations. Donations are always welcome.

Organizing the basics

Book a knowledgeable, passionate, and inspirational speaker— whether that’s yourself, a male breast cancer survivor, or someone from a local group. An educational talk, in particular, will help get the facts about male breast cancer out there, so men can make positive lifestyle changes and avoid unhealthy behaviors that may lead to the condition. Your local hall, school, workplace, or church are ideal venue options. If your goal is fundraising, it’s vital your venue is easily accessible and has high traffic flow. Recruit a group of reliable volunteers whether that’s family members, friends, or locals to help make your event a success.

It’s important to give yourself enough time to stock up on informative pamphlets— as well as the insert on BRCA genetic mutation — so people can take them away to read and increase their understanding of male breast cancer. You could also choose to sell or giveaway male breast cancer awareness merchandise. The eye-catching pink and blue colors automatically stand out against the usual sea of pink associated with female breast cancer awareness — and the money, of course, raises extra funds for the cause.

Marketing your awareness event

The only way to get the word out about your event is by marketing it. Send out a concise save-the-date email explaining what your event is, its date and location, and its mission: to raise awareness for male breast cancer. You should also include your contact details and event social media links — you’ll need to set these pages up beforehand. Social media is the primary method of reaching new potential attendees and building hype. Publish ads in your local newspaper and radio, highlighting key male breast cancer facts people will be able to learn more about. Also post fliers around your community — including QR codes will send people to your event page!

If your awareness event is a success, why not make it an annual occurrence? You’ll be able to spread the educational message stronger and further each year. Continue on with promotion and creating a buzz for next year. Post the event photos on Face Book with the attendees tagged, so they show up in their friend’s feeds. Be sure to mention the event to friends and locals; you can even contact local media to publicize the success of your event. Any chance you have to spark curiosity and build awareness, take it! Not only will this year’s event be a success, but you’ll also be able to educate even more people the next year!

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