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Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Is your glass half full or half empty? Do you find something positive no matter what or only have negative thoughts? Does the way you think have an effect on your health? POSITIVELY!

This is an easy question for me to answer personally. I have always been a “glass half full” kind of person. No matter how bad you think things are or can be, there is always something good if you search hard enough. I may not always like what is going on around me, but I know deep down, there is also something good.

Being a pessimistic thinker can affect your over -all health and well being starting with your outlook on life. If you see partly cloudy skies, then you expect it to rain and maybe even cancel your plans. Then you might feel depressed that you can’t go outside. Studies have shown that pessimism has been linked to a decrease in physical functioning, mental health problems, pains and chronic illnesses. With feelings of low self esteem this can lead to depression which can spiral to hostility, a poor diet, loss of sleep, weight gain, high blood pressure and ultimately a lower immune system.

When you view your glass half full, as an optimist, people tend to have a better outlook on life and work to take better care both physically and emotionally. This positive outlook will then assist with regular exercise, healthier diets, a lower risk of heart disease and cancer and better preventive care. The overall benefits can include lower rates of depression, better immune system, better coping skills, lower stress levels and better overall psychological and physical well-being. A better immune system may assist in the prevention or treatment of Male Breast Cancer or any illness.

So how do you change or become an optimist? The first step is to create positive thoughts which can be assisted through meditation or spiritual guide books. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a realist, but how you approach a situation, the thoughts you have to identify and resolve life’s difficulties will make the difference. Martin Seligman, a psychologist at the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania has even gone so far as to create an optimism test and believes the re-thinking process to be as easy as ABCDE.

In order to make changes to the way you think, you must first identify what areas of negative thoughts you need to make the most changes to; is it work, relationships, your health or your own self esteem? Check in with yourself and be aware of your (negative) thought and how you can change it to be a positive one. Surround yourself with positive people as they will be more helpful, offer good advice and be supportive. Most importantly, remember to laugh, especially during challenging times. You’ll feel less stressed!

So are the skies partly cloudy and you’re expecting rain or partly sunny with a day filled with sunshine? Is any percentage of rain a reason not to plan an outdoor activity or do you plan and hope the weather holds out? I choose to plan and hope for the best, and if it rains while I’m outside, then I might get a little wet, but hopefully I also brought my umbrella, just in case!

Modah Ani- I am Thankful

Editor; Vicki Wolf, Co-Founder

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