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Happy Stress

So everything is going well in your life and you couldn’t be happier! But can good things cause stress too? Is there a difference between the stress you feel whether it comes from good or bad?

I could spend the whole time discussing stress as it stands and the negative effects it has on our overall health. We all know how stress relates to weakening our immune system, causing headaches, flu, heart attacks and cancer along with changes in diet, sleep, sex and overall happiness. Male Breast Cancer is effected by stress as well. These are all easy to explain when the negative stress you are feeling is due to over working, money problems, relationships, lack of time and many other possible issues.

But what happens when you feel like your life is in a good place! Work is manageable, financial needs are being met, relationships are great, you’re planning a vacation and you have a new home. Can you still have stress even when things are good?

It’s not always easy to fit everything into our day or week even when they are all good things. So you have a new home, but it needs work and there's added expenses, you’ll be going on vacation which is great, but you have to take care of the travel plans and the arrangements. Who will take care of your kids or your pets? You have a great job you love but you have projects to complete and deadlines. Or you met the person of your dreams and couldn’t be happier, but fitting in the time to spend with them or your amazing, wonderful group(s) of friends can also be challenging.

When you have a lot going on in your life, and there aren’t enough hours in a day, you’re probably not sleeping enough, or well if you’re thinking about all those “good “things. Maybe you’re not eating well balanced healthy meals just because you’re so busy doing and planning. And of course, fitting your exercise regimen into the day is definitely challenging, but its o.k. because you’re doing something fun! All of these are o.k. when they are just for a day, but when these things hamper your routine over an extended time, it may cause you stress. However the positive affect of momentary happiness during your work day or leisure time can inversely relate to the cortisol output and have a direct relationship to your overall well being. The positive affect is also associated with reduced inflammation and increased cardiovascular activity.

Everyone has their own demands in life and even if you look at others and think they are the luckiest people and they have it all, guess what, they too have stress. Nobody can avoid it and it’s a part of life- the good and the bad! So make sure you find balance in your life because too much of a good thing, isn’t always good but it’s not that bad either!

Modah Ani- I am Thankful

Editor; Vicki Wolf Co-Founder

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