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3 Male Cancer Risks Related To Vehicles And Driving

According to the US National Cancer Institute, cancer mortality is higher among men with a rate of 196.8 per 100,000 compared to 139.6 among women. With the rising awareness about the disease and men’s susceptibility to it, they are also exerting their effort to cancer prevention. It includes having annual checkups, maintaining a healthy body and shifting to anti-cancer diets.They are also checking on their daily routines and making adjustments just in case there are some activities that expose them to the dangers of the big C.

Exposure to chemicals in plastic bottled water

Drivers and passengers tend to keep bottled water stocked in their car for long trips and in their emergency kit. However, studies reveal that old drinking bottled water that has been kept in the car is linked with male breast cancer. According to the FDA, plastic leaches as much as 60 different chemicals when overheated. This also creates a hormonal imbalance that can lead to other health-related issues such as breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancers, and more.

Instead, choose BPA-free plastic bottles or better yet opt for high-quality glass and stainless steel bottles for a refill. You can even buy fresh bottled water during stopovers. Avoid drinking water that is stocked in the car for days.

The dangers of air pollutants when driving with open windows

When the scenery is so good and the air feels fresh, some drivers are tempted to open their car windows. Dust, smoke, and other chemicals can be present in the air that you can breathe in increasing the risk of lung cancer. According to WebMD, 2% of lung cancer cases in the US are caused by these air pollutants. Vehicles traveling on the road also exhaust fumes that contain toxins adding to the risks. Instead, opt for hybrid electric vehicles that allow drivers to use minimal fuel to avoid combustion and reduce air pollution.

The hazards of UV rays under direct sunlight

Prolong exposure under the sun increases the risk of cancer. Driving in direct sunlight also exposes a person to ultraviolet rays that can lead to skin cancer. That is why it is also advised to use sun protection creams when driving under the bright sun. Keep the car windows shut and install sun shields to lessen the exposure to these harmful elements. You can also use face cover and wear long-sleeved shirts for added protection.

Most of all, it is always important to keep your body healthy. Eat a well-balanced diet loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle by keeping the body active and maintaining a healthy weight. Consult your medical practitioner if you have questions and have regular annual checkups, especially if you are at risk.

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