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Friends After Cancer

As we grow older, certain aspects of our lives become more important.

When you have had a cancer diagnosis people always say that your friends will “Help you get through the hard times”.

Maybe yes, maybe no.

It’s really up to YOU to figure out how best to navigate YOUR situation and make the best choices for YOU! Yes, your friends can be supportive or helpful but ultimately every decision is Yours and Yours Alone. When you lay down every night your friends aren’t really there. You are alone with your thoughts and your decisions.

You do get to appreciate your true friends when you return to your normal and best life and you can enjoy them the same way you did prior to your diagnosis.

This past weekend I did just that!

I have a group of guys and girls that have been extremely close for many years, since college and even high school. We planned a long weekend at the Jersey shore with great dinners, entertainment and relaxing time together. It was really the first time we were all together since before Covid. And it was a magical weekend.

Yes, we ate too much great food. We probably drank too much and danced too much for our “older bodies”. But it was So Worth It!

Recently our group lost one of our closest friends to sudden cardiac arrest. Although we had a great weekend, there was certainly a void and it was felt by all of us. We made a pact that we need to do this much more often and certainly not wait another four years!

No, we don’t have total control over what comes next! We do have control over what happens today even though we don’t think we do.

You have to make every effort to enjoy what you have and with those you are able to share it.

Your family and friends are there for support when life gives you hard times. But mostly they are there to be enjoyed and loved! Make every effort to understand the differences and remember that the good times and fun times are more important to them and you, then just for support of the difficult times!

People say to take time to “ Smell the Roses”. I say to take time to “Laugh with and Hug your friends”. The roses will always be there, Your friends may not be.

Enjoy them today!

Editor; Harvey I. Singer, Cofounder

In memory of our dear friend Fred Cohen


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