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HIS Breast Cancer Awareness unveils New Logo

HIS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS FOUNDATION, Inc. unveils a NEW LOGO designed to update their message and branding.

Since it’s inception in 2010, when HIS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS became the FIRST Non Profit specifically dedicated to Male Breast Cancer Awareness and Support, a new- updated look has been released.

According to Vicki Singer Wolf, HIS Co-Founder, “We just felt it was time for our logo and branding to reflect more of whom we are and what we do”.

When HIS-BCA was first launched, they were strictly a resource for men and their families dealing with a diagnosis of Male Breast Cancer. After Co-founder and namesake, Harvey I Singer was diagnosed, they realized the lack of information and support for men diagnosed was totally insufficient. Vicki and Harvey wanted to change that and worked to launch the HIS Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, to assist others dealing with similar circumstances.

Over the past 12 years, they have made a difference! “We are proud to be able to support all of those inflicted and provide some guidance and a road map to assist those in need”, Harvey Singer stated.

As BRCA2 Mutation Carriers, Vicki and Harvey have altered course to include much information on the genetic circumstances which caused both of their cancers. “Working closely with such notable resources like The Basser Center For BRCA Research and FORCE, our messaging and purpose has slightly changed direction”, Vicki told us. “Our new LOGO and LOOK reflect some of that Genetic Influence that causes many Male Breast Cancers”.

“We wanted to not stray too far from our initial roots. The Pink with the added Blue still reflects our primary mission, Male Breast Cancer. We needed a way to incorporate the genetic portion and our new logo helps to define that mission” according to Harvey Singer. The “DNA double helix” has become very recognizable. Adding the Pink&Blue ribbon to the DNA strand, completes the marriage of what HIS Breast Cancer is really all about.

According to Vicki Wolf, we look forward to the advancements in treatments and preventions as well as our foundation’s growth over the next 12 years and beyond.

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Modeh Ani, We are thankful

Editors,Co-founders & Survivors; Harvey I. Singer & Vicki Singer Wolf

April 1, 2022


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