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by HIS Breast Cancer Awareness

Is This a Year We Can Be Thankful?

This has been a year where everyone has had to deal with the stress and sadness of so many changes to our life. Whether that’s a cancer, covid or other health diagnosis, death(s), job loss, isolation, hurricanes, financial loss and a very difficult election just to mention a few. While it’s not uncommon for life to throw a punch or two, 2020 might feel more like a full out boxing match!

While dealing with a cancer diagnosis, treatment or sadly losses to the disease, we are always challenged to find some positive thoughts. This past year, with the addition of Covid-19, the combination has been extremely difficult.

Covid has suppressed many people from receiving their annual mammograms or check ups for earlier detection. Closures or limitations to receive surgeries, chemotherapy treatments and even follow up care. In addition to delayed diagnosis and care, patients struggle with attending to their appointments or remaining in the hospital alone, without support from a family member or friend by their side.

Along with the struggle of health concerns also comes financial stress. You may have lost your job or due to cutbacks and furloughs that not only affect your income but also your health insurance. Even moving in with family members can be challenging. This affects your weakened immune system with children in school or adults working outside the home.

November, along with Thanksgiving, is often when we take time to reflect and feel thankful. We’re hoping that you still have a list of things that you can be grateful for. Things such as technology that has brought families together through zoom and facetime. Opportunities to speak with doctors through TeleMedicine calls. On-line support to help you through physical therapy, keep you moving and exercising with group classes for yoga, stretching, boot camp and spin classes. There are also a variety of online ways to follow stress reducing meditations and learn healthier cooking recipes.

In many ways, Covid has brought new opportunities to appreciate and has slowed down the fast paced world we were living in. Our overworked and over scheduled days that life had spiraled into. The many social commitments, dining out and fast food restaurants along with (over) consumption of alcohol that has added to obesity and other illnesses that were not in our best interest.

We’ve had the past year to take the time to re-evaluate and prioritize what is important in life. This is an individual evaluation! For some