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Pastor Diagnosed With Male Breast Cancer

My name is Craig.

I am a 62 year old black man. I was exercising moderately to help control my diabetes and high blood pressure. Being pretty much on top of my care I think I was doing good.

One day I felt a lump in my breast area. This was not alarming but noticeable because I always hear of it referring to women and breast cancer. Concerned about the find I pondered about what to do. I didn’t think the worst but I needed to have it checked out.

My back began to give me problems and I took a trip to the ER. There I mentioned to the doctor that I also felt something in my right breast area. She immediately had me follow up with my PCP.

I meet with my PCP in late April and boy was I surprised when she examined me and told me that she was pretty certain that it was cancer!

Man I was in shock, I was startled, and basically numb. My doctor is great, she and I have a great relationship and she informed me step by step what my care would look like going forward. Biopsy and whatever treatment plan that was decided.

After a positive biopsy for male breast cancer I was relieved to finally know what I was dealing with. I had an appointment with the cancer team on Monday May 18th to discuss treatment but on Sunday May 17th I had a massive heart attack!

Thank God for keeping me alive.

Finally the cancer team had decided that the treatment would be surgery (right radical mastectomy) followed by 20 weeks of chemotherapy (which I am currently in week 6). This is a journey that I never planned for but I’m here and I am positive. I am a Baptist Pastor and FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST WILL BRING ME THROUGH.

I believe in support groups. I believe in group therapy. I appreciate the support I have received from Unite for HER/HIM and HIS Breast Cancer Awareness.

I thank you for wanting to hear about my experience, strength, and hope.

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