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You CAN Fire Your Doctor!

Have you ever experienced a Bad Car Mechanic? Of course you have, we all have had that bad experience. They didn’t fix the problem and they still charged you an exorbitant amount of money.  

The next time your car broke down, did you take it back to the same garage? OF COURSE NOT! YOU FIRED THE GUY!

So why do most cancer patients or any patient with an illness or problem feel they are married for life to their doctors? Just because they have a degree and know more than you, doesn’t mean you couldn’t do better. 

If you’re not getting the results you hoped for, or if you don’t like that physician’s methods or manner, it’s probably time to move on!

Doctors/oncologists are just people with a learned skill. They do their best, to provide you with quality care. Their intentions are probably in the right place, but that doesn’t always match your results. Remember that most Oncologists are treating 100’s of patients at any point in time. You are just one of possibly 200 patients under their care while in treatment. To you, these decisions are the most important decisions you will make in your life! Your life literally depends on them. The Doctors’ do their best to help you, but if they are wrong and you die, they feel bad, learn from it, and move on to the next patient. YOU DON’T get a second chance!

In the fifteen years I have been a cancer patient and through my HIS Breast Cancer Awareness interactions, I have met countless people who think their DOCTOR is the ONLY qualified person to advise them. They take every word and treatment suggestion as gospel. I get it. You just had a life changing diagnosis and you’re spinning out of control. They are formally educated, clinically trained and have years of experience. Unfortunately, cancers have 10’s of thousands of permutations. There is no bible for treatment. They evaluate your cancer, put together a plan based on “their” evaluations. They “practice” medicine. That doesn’t mean you can’t educate yourself and question the plan.

When I was first diagnosed and post surgery, I was initially told I wouldn’t need any post surgical treatment outside of a hormone blocker, or what my breast surgeon called “a pill a day”. Afterwards, following pathology, I was referred to a “general oncologist”. He didn’t have very good insight into my male breast cancer issues. I Fired him. I found an oncologist who specializes in breast cancer. She advised chemotherapy and a specific regimen. I sought out three additional breast oncologists for other opinions. (Not affiliated with the same medical center) They all recommended some form of Chemotherapy, but there were three different regimens! That’s when I learned that different doctors have different opinions. Many of those opinions are formed by the protocol from the most major cancer facility in that area. Look to other geographic areas for other opinions. Some Oncologists are very conservative and others are more progressive. The science changes daily, so it is important to learn which treatment and which doctor you follow.

 It was time for ME to take charge of MY care and that hasn’t stopped, 15 years later!

You are in charge! You must learn on your own and make the best possible informed decisions. It’s the MOST important job you will ever have. If you are not having the best results for you, it’s time to find another provider or three, which may offer you better options and results. 


You shouldn’t feel badly about it. The doctor will be fine and won’t take it personally.  You may actually be helping them to learn that they need to try harder and be better. Did you feel badly about the auto mechanic you walked away from?

 Your LIFE IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than your car! You can always buy another car…

Harvey I Singer



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