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We Have So Much To Be Thankful For

Together we are making a difference with awareness and savings lives and we hope you all feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude. For all of you, we are very thankful.

Often we are on the receiving line of the “thank you”; contacted by men or family members who have found us, found an outlet to share and to know they are not alone with a breast cancer diagnosis. Today however we’d like to take some time to thank those who have helped us to spread awareness of Male Breast Cancer and save lives.

HIS Breast Cancer Awareness was Co-founded in 2009 by Harvey I. Singer and Vicki Singer Wolf because we learned the hard way there is not a great deal of information available on Male Breast Cancer. When Harvey was diagnosed, the humiliation and stigmas that went along with his diagnosis made dealing with breast cancer as a man, even that much more challenging than the diagnosis alone. As a three time breast cancer survivor myself, I could guide him, as his sister, I was there to support him, however being a male with breast cancer took a whole different level of support and that’s when we vowed to help others.

This year we are thankful for so many people and organizations that have assisted and supported HIS Breast Cancer Awareness, Harvey and myself. Without them, this organization could not have accomplished all that it has and continues to do. HIS BCA has been featured in many publications this year including TV, Radio, Internet sites, Newspapers, Print supplements and more and because of this, has helped educate so many.

A Special Thank You to;

*All donations and contributions received in support of the Charity Golf Outing from many local businesses and friends.

We also want to thank those of you have been our guest writers, who have written of your experiences and shared them with our readers so others can gain knowledge from you. We welcome others to share their story as these greatly assist so many. Along with the social media groups we want to thank our facebook and twitter followers who not only ‘like’ what they read but “share” it as well which expands our reach of information.

Along with the many opportunities we have been presented with, we are very excited about the opportunity to be involved with the documentary on BRCA 1 & 2 mutation and how it contributes to breast cancer in both men and women. Pink & Blue is a documentary in the making that needs your support. Please visit the Pink & Blue web site to learn more.

Of course we could not have accomplished any of this without the support of our wonderful families and friends. Harvey has been married for over 35 years to his amazing wife Donna and has two wonderful sons (my nephews) Matthew and Jameson. I have also been married for over 35 years to my husband Gary and have been blessed with 3 sons; Sean (Lynsey), Jeremy (Melissa). Samuel (Melissa) and our grandson Jamie. All of them are not only understanding of our health needs, but have all added to the development and growth of HIS Breast Cancer Awareness in one way or another. I especially want to thank my son Sam who is the creator of our informative web site and for all he does to help maintain it.

Our mother Libby (in her 90's) and our Aunt Ruth (100+) both are breast cancer survivors and the foundation for our being. We are very thankful for their continued good health, their great support (plus their baking!) and our biggest advocates!

HIS BreastCancer Awareness relies on donation to help with education and awareness. Before this year comes to a close, please consider making a donation or SHOP our page for awareness products or donation cards in honor, in memory of someone you care about or a great way to send your Happy Holiday wishes.

In addition you can help support us when you shop with amazon. Just choose first, select HIS Breast Cancer Awareness as your charity to support and amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase. It’s that simple and a great means of support for us! Once you sign up, amazon will always remind and direct you there first. Or you can click this link;

HIS Breast Cancer Awareness is a registered 501©3 organization and all donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. HIS Breast Cancer Awareness acknowledges all donations by email or mail, with a tax receipt to the provided address.

We wish you a healthful and peaceful Thanksgiving.

Especially during this Thanksgiving holiday; Modah Ani – I/We are very thankful

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