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Best Ebooks for Building Knowledge of Male Breast Cancer

Learn More About Yourself: The Best Ebooks for Building Your Knowledge of Male Breast Cancer

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While it's a fact that's often overlooked, men can be diagnosed with breast cancer. As we discussed in our post Knowledge Can Save Lives, men can carry the breast cancer gene 1 (BRCA1) and 2 (BRCA2) mutations that put them at risk. Early detection, and therefore, knowledge, is crucial for conquering the condition. In fact, one study found that knowledge of a prognosis has a positive effect on the survival and quality of life of cancer patients.

However, given its lower prevalence rate of 1% out of all breast cancer diagnoses, credible information may be harder to come by. Fortunately, ebooks dedicated to this less-discussed topic exist and can be a vital tool for gaining knowledge. What's more, ebooks are extremely accessible, allowing you to learn and read wherever you are, even offline. With more companies offering subscriptions, ebooks are becoming more affordable, as well.

Rather than spending money on individual titles to learn more about male breast cancer, a low monthly subscription fee to Everand gives you instant access to thousands of ebooks on health and wellness. These include categories such as men's health, medical literature, and more, with Everand's catalog of wellness ebooks having overarching titles like Why We Sleep and specific works about male breast cancer including Pandora's DNA. And with apps like Bookclubs, which is home to over 40,000 clubs, you can be plugged into a community of men facing similar breast cancer diagnoses and learn even more about the condition.

If you feel ebooks will work for you, here are 5 of the best titles for building your knowledge of male breast cancer.

5 Ebooks for learning more about male breast cancer

Breast Cancer: Cancer Is Curable, It's Up to You

Dr. Michael Redtenbacher's book is akin to a manual that teaches readers all the things they can do to beat a male breast cancer diagnosis. Early on in the book, Dr. Redtenbacher emphasizes the need to make physicians a patient's ally, urging readers not to wait for more aggressive symptoms before seeking medical attention. For this, he describes, in great detail, a program to help detect or rule out early cancer, which involves undergoing specific tests that can empower readers to take early action.

Pandora's DNA: Tracing the Breast Cancer Genes Through History, Science, and One Family Tree

In Pandora's DNA, author and journalist Lizzie Stark uses her family's own multi-generational history of dealing with the outcome of being BRCA mutation carriers, something many male breast cancer patients can relate to. Along the way, she discusses the history of breast cancer treatment, scientific developments, and medical breakthroughs surrounding BRCA mutations. In doing so, Stark offers a different perspective on what it's like to make body- and life-altering decisions in the hopes of overcoming breast cancer.

Understanding BRCA: Living with the Breast Cancer Gene

BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers have a significantly increased lifetime risk of developing breast cancer, as we mentioned above. When the book's author, Clarissa Foster, found that she was a carrier of the BRCA2 gene, she consumed all the medical literature that could help her understand how to lower her risk of breast cancer and how it would feel to undergo preventive surgery. This book is the outcome of her years of research and experience living with the breast cancer gene.

Bodies Unbound: Gender-Specific Cancer and Biolegitimacy

Bodies Unbound received the Best Publication Award from the Body and Embodiment Section of the American Sociological Association in 2022. Written by Piper Sledge, this book is a comparative study showing how ideologies of gendered bodies shape medical care. Men with breast cancer often face unique challenges due to the low prevalence of the disease in their gender, and Bodies Unbound goes on a deep dive that looks at the psychological impact of this diagnosis, as well as the societal perceptions that contribute to isolation and stigmatization.

I Have What???: One Man's Journey Through Breast Cancer

Richard W. Wiener, the author of this ebook, chronicles everything he went through, from discovering a lump to his diagnosis, surgery, and chemotherapy treatments. Having gone through a similar journey when his wife fought the same battle that eventually took her life, Wiener knew what signs to look out for. As soon as he felt a lump in his breast, he promptly alerted his internist. His physician said that since it was caught early, it would be treatable. Overall, his work aims to provide guidance that other men may lack.

Sir, You Have Breast Cancer!: My Life and the Story of a Man with a Woman's Disease

Rounding off the list is an ebook written by one of the co-founders here at HIS Breast Cancer Awareness himself: Harvey I. Singer. Sir, You Have Breast Cancer, Harvey personally lays out the story of his journey with male breast cancer. His research-backed discussions are interspersed with moments of humor, helping educate you on male breast cancer while making the book impossible to put down. The best part is that if you buy this work, all the proceeds will fund our non-profit's efforts to increase public awareness of male breast cancer—making it a great way to pay your newfound knowledge forward so other men can learn about the disease.The right ebooks can shed light on the unique aspects of breast cancer in men, fostering awareness that's crucial for timely diagnosis, care, and treatment.

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