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Support Cancer Causes With These 4 Helpful Ideas

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Editor: Scott Sanders

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects millions of people each year, yet we still face an uphill climb when it comes to finding effective treatments and a cure. For many individuals, the best way to fight back is by getting involved and looking for ways to help. You might be interested in volunteering at a nonprofit such as HIS Breast Cancer, which raises awareness about male breast cancer and provides support to those who are living with it. Or you might even be interested in going back to school for nursing so you can be of direct help to those in need. There are many things you can do to get involved no matter where your skills lie; here are a few more ideas you may not have considered.

Go back to school

If you’ve ever dreamed of helping others and are open to the idea of going back to school, consider earning a nursing degree. There are several options available these days to fit just about any schedule, such as online programs for a bachelor’s or master’s degree that allow you to study on your own time and work from home until it’s time for clinicals. Nursing is a wonderful way to help the people in your community who are living with cancer get the care they need.

Learn alternative methods of healing

Traditional nursing isn’t the only way you can be of service to those in need; there are many methods of healing, including acupuncture, massage, and focused meditation/yoga. People all over the world believe that utilizing these beneficial methods can help the body and mind recover from the trauma that cancer creates, and they can also reduce stress for the patient. Becoming a practitioner of one of these therapeutic activities will allow you to help cancer patients and survivors heal and find a measure of relaxation after such a stressful period in their lives.

Start your own nonprofit

There’s more than one way to be of help to those whose lives have been affected by cancer. If you’re interested in supporting patients and assisting their families, consider creating your own nonprofit to raise awareness and money for the cause. If you’re a creative person, you might utilize your skills to design t-shirts and other merchandise for sale on your site and donate the proceeds to a cancer research organization or support such as HIS Breast Cancer Awareness. If you have lots of connections to people who have means, you might hold fundraisers or auctions to garner donations. There are so many ways to get involved, and not all of them require special training.

Donate blood or platelets

You can also be of help to those living with cancer by providing healthy blood for transfusions. Cancer and its treatments can cause anemia and other blood disorders, and some cancer patients suffer from a loss of blood during surgeries. Donating blood and platelets--which allow blood to clot--can help someone who is living with cancer replenish their supply and start healing. Look online for blood drives near you and ask friends or family members to join you in donating, as there is often a need for various blood types.

Being of help to those who are suffering from cancer means many different things, so find one method that works best for you and look for support from your loved ones as you get involved. Look online to find out more about local efforts to raise awareness or funds for your favorite organizations so you can join in as often as possible.

Have questions about male breast cancer or are interested in supporting HIS Breast Cancer? Reach out today via the contact form.

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