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by HIS Breast Cancer Awareness

Ten Years of Educating and Saving Lives

HIS Breast Cancer Awareness was established October 2009, because we believed we needed to make changes to what we know and think about breast cancer. This month, HIS Breast Cancer Awareness celebrates

10 years of doing just that- Educating and Saving Lives while supporting those who have been diagnosed and in memory of those who have died from this disease. Harvey’s diagnose is how HIS began, what we’ve accomplished makes us thrive, knowing there is so much more to do is what keeps us motivated and hopeful.

“11 Years Ago…Almost to this day…

I discovered a lump under my left nipple…

10 Days later, I was diagnosed with Male Breast Cancer!

My World Changed. My Life Changed. My Direction Changed.”

Yes, a cancer diagnosis will rock your world. But never did I anticipate how it was

about to ROCK mine and help save lives too!

After dealing with surgery, chemotherapy, uneasiness, doubt, healing, reflecting and

the tribulation of being a man in a woman’s pink cancer world, my path was cast. I

wrote in my book, Sir, You Have Breast Cancer, “Why was I chosen to be the

anomaly? How was it ME that would be diagnosed with such a rare cancer for a man?

Maybe just MAYBE, because I was the one that would actually do something about it!”

I reached out to my little sister Vicki, who had already been through three bouts of

Breast Cancer and genetic testing. Upon understanding the genetics of our disease and

the risk to any of our five sons, we had to find a way to change how male breast cancer

was viewed and to erase the stigma that infested it. We knew we had to add some blue

to the pink of breast cancer.


Exactly one year post Harvey’s initial diagnosis, we launched, what was the FIRST of