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Ten Years of Educating and Saving Lives

HIS Breast Cancer Awareness was established October 2009, because we believed we needed to make changes to what we know and think about breast cancer. This month, HIS Breast Cancer Awareness celebrates

10 years of doing just that- Educating and Saving Lives while supporting those who have been diagnosed and in memory of those who have died from this disease. Harvey’s diagnose is how HIS began, what we’ve accomplished makes us thrive, knowing there is so much more to do is what keeps us motivated and hopeful.

“11 Years Ago…Almost to this day…

I discovered a lump under my left nipple…

10 Days later, I was diagnosed with Male Breast Cancer!

My World Changed. My Life Changed. My Direction Changed.”

Yes, a cancer diagnosis will rock your world. But never did I anticipate how it was

about to ROCK mine and help save lives too!

After dealing with surgery, chemotherapy, uneasiness, doubt, healing, reflecting and

the tribulation of being a man in a woman’s pink cancer world, my path was cast. I

wrote in my book, Sir, You Have Breast Cancer, “Why was I chosen to be the

anomaly? How was it ME that would be diagnosed with such a rare cancer for a man?

Maybe just MAYBE, because I was the one that would actually do something about it!”

I reached out to my little sister Vicki, who had already been through three bouts of

Breast Cancer and genetic testing. Upon understanding the genetics of our disease and

the risk to any of our five sons, we had to find a way to change how male breast cancer

was viewed and to erase the stigma that infested it. We knew we had to add some blue

to the pink of breast cancer.


Exactly one year post Harvey’s initial diagnosis, we launched, what was the FIRST of

its type. We would create an actual place where other men could go to find information

and understanding about what was truly happening to them. A place where loved ones

for these men could obtain REAL information and not some sugar coated version of

female breast cancer. We created a truly educational website, one that would go on to

work with many other organizations fighting this same discourse. No longer would we

avoid the MEN in this fight. We would bring this fight to the forefront.

It’s hard to believe that over the past 10 years, so much has changed regarding Male

Breast Cancer and how it is viewed. From changing the forms at the radiology offices, to

being included for an entire week during October breast cancer awareness month, to

having actual studies now which are strictly about treatment options for MEN and just

being accepted by the medical community in general, we are no longer outcasts. Actual high profile people are now coming forward to discuss their disease and genetics onNational TV networks. We spurned conversation. We helped to create Male Breast Cancer documentary, Pink and Blue: Colors of Hereditary Cancer. We have worked closely with The Basser Center for BRCA research. We have worked closely with FORCE; (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered). We have shared information with Grey Genetics and many other organizations and people who are willing to extend their reach and their arms.

The Male Breast Cancer and Genetic Cancer community are really quite amazing. And

to think that we were there as one of the pioneers in this community can be a little

overwhelming. We are all here to support each other and to pay it forward. We are one

community working together for the same common goals.

The men that reach out to us from all over the world, remind us, every day, that there is

still so much more to do. There are so many more men to reach, to help and

possibly save more lives.

It’s been quite the journey. One we never expected to take but one that we would not

trade. Some people get a cancer diagnosis and they are so overwhelmed with their

decisions and their courses of action are polluted in fear. It’s understandable. When HIS

Breast Cancer Awareness can help to clarify some of those decisions, it is truly a

remarkable feeling.

As we look back on our first 10 years and reflect, we can only hope we have many

more decades to continue doing what we were destined to accomplish. Our Goal is to

make Male Breast Cancer and Genetic Cancers in general, easier to understand and

cope with and much easier to cure or avoid all together.

We are very thankful for all the individuals, organizations, medical staff, reporters,

bloggers, etc., who have worked with us to help share our important, life saving

information and a solid foundation. To the thousands of men who have been diagnosed with

breast cancer and/or have learned about their genetics and have

found support from us, we will continue to be here for you and generations to come. We have and will continue to change the stigma for men that is associated with breast and hereditary cancers.

Harvey I. Singer, Co-founder, Survivor and BRCA2 Mutation Carrier

Vicki Singer Wolf, Co-founder, Survivor and BRCA2 Mutation Carrier

Modeh Ani- We are grateful

Photo credit Caitlin W.

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